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Post Parade refers to the moment when thoroughbred horses walk onto the racetrack minutes before stepping into the starting gate.

We share a belief that when you do something for the right reasons, greatness is possible.

Great friends - Matt White, Mark Gray, and I take little for granted. This wine venture is no exception. Our goal: to create something worth appreciating, like the time we’ve spent together.

Our search for an area rich in heritage, resources, and committed winemakers took us 2,297 miles west from our homes in Kentucky to Napa Valley. We traveled to California time and again. Wine was shared, stories were told, and our idea was born.

At our helm is Thomas Rivers Brown, one of Napa Valley’s most distinctive and acclaimed winemakers.

Our first vintage was the 2010, which sold out while the 2011 vintage was still in its infancy. When inquiries for the 2011 followed, we knew we were on the right track.

We haven’t looked back since.


Brook Smith

Post Parade is 100% Napa Valley, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Our grapes come from two vineyards, chosen for the way they complement each other.

Tench Vineyard

Tench Vineyard, owned by Brian and Adair Tench, is in Oakville, just off the eastern Oakville bench. The eastern side of the property consists of red, rocky soils of clay and volcanic rock, perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruit from this site has the perfect mix of power, opulence and finesse, and provides the structure of Post Parade. “A lot of valley floor vineyards are all fruit, but this site has a lot of backbone that helps balance the finished wine,” says Brown.

Red Head Vineyard

Red Head Vineyard, owned by Ed and Jan Brown is located on Old Soda Springs Road north of the city of Napa, on the southeast side of the Napa Valley. Once a llama pasture, Ed and Jan planted a 7.5-acre vineyard of clone 685 on the site’s rocky southwest-facing hillside in 2007. “There's not much clone 685 planted in the valley,” says Brown, “but everywhere I've tasted it, I've been impressed. Grapes from Red Head provide the softer, plusher side of the wine.”

The proportion of each is determined by barrel tasting the aging wines to make best use of each vintage’s personality.

“Most of the projects I work with focus on one site and what you harvest is what you get in a given year,” says winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown. “Both of these sites are A+ pieces of dirt but contribute vastly different attributes. So, we have the luxury of blending across sites and AVAs for quality and consistency while still being able to play to each vintage’s strengths.”

-Thomas Rivers Brown


During crush, we’re up before the sun to harvest grapes during the cool morning hours so that they reach the winery still at the perfect sugar/acid balance. The fruit is hand-sorted twice: once by cluster, and after the clusters are de-stemmed, berry by berry, to make sure that only perfectly ripe, unblemished fruit makes it to the crusher.

The fruit goes into stainless steel tanks to cold soak for 5-7 days before we begin fermentation. We prefer to ferment on natural yeast to enhance the fruit’s complexity, and no sulfur is added. The wines ferment on skin approximately 16 days, after which we drain off the free-run juice, gently press the must and place the wine in a blend of 90% new French oak barrels from Ermitage and Taransaud. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation prior to aging for added smoothness. We create our blend after about 14 months or so in barrel, and that finished blend enjoys another 4-6 months in oak before bottling.

“Post Parade has been the most enjoyable project I’ve taken on in recent memory. I don’t need to tell anyone that knows Brook et al that fun is a top priority with this undertaking.”
—Thomas Rivers Brown

2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3 pack - Post Parade Wines


2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

3 pack


Production: 363 cases

2013 encapsulated all the good points of the previous growing season and then took it up a notch. The transition from budbreak to bloom to veraison to harvest was extremely well spaced out.  Temperatures stayed mild, with only one heat spike above 100 degrees in late June, and there was zero rain until November once all the fruit had been brought into the winery.  There’s always an element of mystery when it comes to how a wine will turn out in the end, but right from the beginning, the 2013 vintage wines showed so well.  Undoubtedly the best vintage since 2007, the 2013 Post Parade resonates with light airy aromatic notes, a complex and intricate fruit core, mouth coating concentration and a finish that lingers and leaves you wanting more before it’s gone away.
Thomas Rivers Brown, Winemaker

*Orders will begin shipping late October 2015, weather permitting. 

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2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3 pack - Post Parade Wines

2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

3 pack

Sold Out

Production: 407 cases

Much like preparing a great meal, the final product can only be a result and reflection of the hard work, attention to detail and ingredients used to make it. Post Parade works with two of the finest vineyards in Napa (Tench, Redhead), both of which are expertly farmed, however without Mother Nature’s cooperation, those first two can often not be enough. In 2012, we were able to start realizing the potential of this project and the sites that make it special. The 685 clone from the Red Head Vineyard provides lifted aromatics and a fruit forwardness that let you know we are firmly in Napa Valley. The Tench brings a slightly more brooding, tight knit profile of minerality, gravel and blackberry that gives tremendous complexity and balance. A wine that truly represents vintage, Cabernet and Napa Valley.
Thomas Rivers Brown, Winemaker

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2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3 pack - Post Parade Wines

2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

3 pack

Sold Out

Production: 273 cases

"A deep, brooding purple color immediately leads to a very ripe, rich nose with black raspberry, black currant, chocolate and sweet vanilla with a touch of soy.  The beautifully opulent palate has mouth-filling black fruits with blackberry jam, ripe black plum, chocolate and sweet vanilla oak and flavors that linger on and on.  This is a classic expression of beautiful Napa Cabernet Sauvignon that belongs in any cellar."
Kevin Vogt, Master Sommelier Delmonico Steakhouse Las Vegas

This is a vintage that all came down to farming.  The weather challenges that we faced in early October distinguished the well tended sites from the mediocre.  Well-farmed sites such as Red Head and Tench, the vineyards that produced this wine, made it through early botrytis bouts and into three beautiful weeks of weather the second half of October.

2011 was really defined by some early October rains that created quite a bit of mold and mildew pressure throughout the valley. The key to success was a diligent spray program. If you were successful in fighting the initial pressure, there was plenty of great weather on the back end to ripen the crop. Both Ed Brown and Tench were able to hang and enjoy this weather due to their respective vineyard managers being on top of the conditions. Both vineyards had leaves pulled in the fruiting zone the day after the rains to knock as much moisture out of the canopy as possible.  Both were sprayed to impede a botrytis bloom.  Both had all affected fruit removed ASAP. These procedures all had to take place in a timely fashion for maximum effectiveness.

We harvested both vineyards at full ripeness the first week of November. With all this hang time, the 2011 Post Parade is already a more complex wine than its 2010 counterpart.

The 2011 Post Parade Cabernet Sauvignon features fruit notes across the entire color spectrum and has good weight for the vintage.  This wine drinks so well now, we don't see a reason not to begin drinking it upon release. Still young, this wine benefits from decanting an hour before drinking to allow it to truly shine.

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The best ventures in life come down to creating something thoughtful and honest. And to us, that meant a wine worth slowing down for.

Nothing pretentious, but something to sit back and savor for a moment in this fast world: a wine that pays homage to what’s come before—and hints at what’s possible next.

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