Helping track workers build their language, technology and cultural skills

Post Parade is a proud supporter of the Backside Learning Center


There is a large — and largely unknown — community that makes the national and international horse racing and equine industries run: track workers. These are the horse walkers, grooms, stable hands and others who spend long hours making sure the horses at the track are clean, well trained and healthy.  

These workers — most of whom come from Latin America — are the backbone of the equine industry. 
The Backside Learning Center (BLC) was created to support equine workers and their families as they pursue their personal and professional goals. It offers a unique mix of training and support — from ESL, GED, computer and citizenship classes to social services — to help track workers reach their highest personal potential.

More than that, BLC provides a social focal point. BLC provides a place where workers can meet, talk, laugh and support one another as they cope with a demanding life far from home. It also provides cultural experiences in the forming of outings, festival visits, city tours, potlucks, movie nights, game nights and group meals out. 

In short, BLC is more than a school. For many BLC clients, it's their away-from-home community, even their family. 

Post Parade Wines is proud to support the work of BLC. To find out more or to make a contribution, visit their website.